Changing Your Podcast Title & URL/slug

Changing the Title of your podcast can be done at any time without affecting your RSS feed or subscribers. The Title is the name of your podcast which will be displayed in all podcast apps as well as on your Fireside site. You can change the Title of your podcast by going to Dashboard > Settings > General > Podcast Info section > Title field and save your changes. If you would also like to change your Fireside URL/slug as well then follow the step by step instructions below:

Changing your Fireside URL/slug will result in loss of subscribers but there is a way around this. Follow the steps below very carefully:

  1. Add a new podcast to your account ($8/month) by going to My Podcasts and click the blue Create a New Podcast button. Set the name to be anything as long as it's NOT the new name. (Example:
  2. For the new podcast you just created go into Dashboard > Settings > Advanced > RSS Feed Redirection section. In the New RSS URL field enter the Fireside RSS feed URL for the not yet in existence new name. (Example:
  3. Go into the Dashboard > Settings > General > Podcast Info section for the old/current podcast and in the Fireside URL field enter the new name that you want to change it to. The new name must match the slug you entered for the forward in Step 2. (Example: thenewnamethatiwant) 
  4. Go into the Dashboard > Settings > General > Podcast Info section for the new podcast you created and in the Fireside URL field change the name to exactly what the name was for the old original podcast.

You will still need to manually enter/copy-and-paste all the information for your podcast (the process above only handles the update to your RSS feed). It is important to keep both of the podcasts up and running for a minimum of 30 days if not more so that podcast platforms/services pick up the changes you've made and so that you avoid any interruptions to your RSS feed. After that 30 days you can then delete the podcast with the old name that you no longer want to keep. 

If you have any questions about this process please file a support ticket!

Note: Metrics are NOT able to be brought over to the new podcast.