Switching to a New Host

If you are leaving Fireside and switching to a new host, we're sad to see you go! There are a some very important steps you need to take so that your transfer goes seamlessly and you don't lose your listeners in the process:

  1. You will need to redirect your RSS feed from Fireside to your new host by going to Dashboard → Advanced → scroll down to the RSS Feed Redirection section, switch the toggle to Enabled, paste your new RSS feed into the field provided, and save your changes. This redirect lets other platforms know to look for your feed at the new address. The redirect only works while your Fireside Podcast still exists, so you will need to wait to delete your Podcast. We recommend keeping the redirect (and Podcast) active on Fireside for at least 30 to 60 days after you’ve switched. This allows for all podcast platforms to pick up the change and prevents the loss of subscribers. Once those platforms pick up the change they will update it in their system and will only look for your feed at the new address. 
  2. The Podcast Index has a new feature that allows you to lock your feed so that it can't be imported/pirated by a third-party. Some hosting companies support this and some don't so just to be on the safe side go to Dashboard → Advanced → Locked Podcast and switch it to be Unlocked. This will allow your new host to import the feed without any restrictions.