How to Submit to Google Podcasts

To add your podcast to Google Podcasts follow the steps below:

1. Log into the Google Podcast Manager with your Google account (this must be the same email address that you have set in Fireside under Dashboard > Podcast Info > scroll down to Podcast Ownership section).

2. Click the "Start Now" button 

3. Enter your RSS feed URL into the field provided then click the "Next Step" button. [ Don't know your RSS feed URL?]. 

Note:  If you see the message in the screenshot below, click the "Next Step" button. This means that your podcast is already on Google but still needs to be transferred into the new Google Podcasts Manager.

4. Review the information and if it is correct click the "Next Step" button.

5. Your ownership has been verified! Click the "Get Started" button to view your podcast in Google Podcasts Manager.