How do I connect my podcast to my Patreon account?

You can connect your podcast to a Patreon account and publish special episodes just for your patrons or for specific teirs of patrons. You can have multiple podcasts connected to the same Patreon campaign.

1. Go to your podcast Connections page, and scroll to the Patreon section.

2. Use the 'Connect' button to start the process of connecting with your Patreon account.

3. You'll be redirected to Patreon to authorize access for your account. All of the permissions involved allow Fireside to stay up-to-date on your currently subscribed Patrons and their tiers so that Fireside can provide them with the right episodes based on their level.

4. After allowing access, Fireside will begin importing your tiers and list of patrons. The tiers will be used to let you selectively restrict episodes to a specific tier, and the list of patrons is used to send individuals the link to their private feed.

5. Once Fireside has imported your Patreon data, you'll see all of the details displayed on your podcast's Connections page where you can use the 'Disconnected from Patreon' button to disconnect any time.