How do I restrict episodes to specific Patreon tiers?

Once you've successfully connected your podcast to your Patreon account, Fireside will begin importing your tiers. (It should only take a moment.) Once the tiers have been successfully imported, you'll find a list of the available tiers on your podcast's "Connections" page under the "Patreon" section, and they'll be available to use with episodes.

Once you see your tiers, you'll have an additional "Patreon Tier" option in the "Publishing Status" section of episodes. This will be the lowest level to which that episode will be available. In the future, if you disconnect your podcast from Patreon, all episodes that were previously connected to a tier will be set to private but will no longer have a Patreon tier to restrict access. So if you disconnect and then reconnect, you'll need to manually update the Patreon Tier for all affected episodes.